Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu is a painter of romantic landscapes and seascapes who has been working extensively to develop a unique style of expression that focuses on colors and emotions.  In China she is known as the "painter of raining colors" due to the vividness of her color pallet which often depicts the rich hues of nature found after a rainstorm.  They are colors of the trees, the flowers, of the ocean. When it rains, all of nature’s colors are alive. You could say that she’s an ambassador of expression for the nature.

Lucy has collaborated with numerous artists from around the world, most recently studying with Romanian master artist Dan Cumpata.  As the director of the Florsheim Mansion Artist In Residence Program, which she co-founded in 2007, Lucy worked closely with many other artists, and became more acutely aware of the difficulties artists face. With her extensive business consulting background and industry knowledge in management and finance (a native of China, Lucy was educated in Europe and US where she earned her MBA and MSc. in Finance), Lucy was able to see solutions by having one foot in the art scene, and another in the business community. As an artist, Lucy has compassion for what artists go through in creating art with little means; and as a business professional, she is eager to provide some guidance and infrastructure in the artist community.

Lucy is also an art entrepreneur, founding ArtBarcs in 2010 (, as a way to introduce emerging and established artists to both patrons and new art audiences interested in learning more about living artists, and their work in their community. The current version of reflects a small step towards a cultural sea change about an improved role for artists in our society.

Passionate about social causes, Lucy has recently re-dedicated herself to returning to her primary area of passion and expertise: social entrepreneurship and management. She serves as co-founder and Director of Operations of World Ventures Group (, a global philanthropy that promotes entrepreneurship to repair relationships damaged by conflict, strife and war.